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I am Joan Keevill, the founder and managing director of Designs on Learning Limited. I help senior leaders learn to become more effective and I design learning solutions that can be implemented in person, virtually or in an eLearning environment.

I set up Designs on Learning Limited in 2008. I had the opportunity to set up the business after I left the BBC, where I worked for 18 years. Since then, I have built up my client base to include business schools, global multi-nationals, small independent charities and lots in between. Some of my clients come directly to me and others come via my contacts in the business, with me working as an associate or subcontractor. In turn, I also subcontract eLearning development work to my associates. The range of topics covered in eLearning is whatever clients need: they value my ability to evaluate core content and convert it into effective learning appropriate to what their learners need.

My learning design experience goes back decades when I was working as a French teacher, before moving to the BBC and designing learning for media professionals. My qualifications include an MA in Management Learning and Leadership from Lancaster University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Facilitation from Henley, as well as in virtual facilitation.

I make sure I keep across developments in the Learning & Development industry. I judge the annual Learning Technology Awards and regularly attend conferences and exhibitions. I also run training and induction sessions on demand, such as for Henley coaches and students on Action learning. I work mostly from home and have super high-speed broadband to facilitate this.


“(Action Learning) was a completely new concept for me. The idea behind the action learning resonated very well with me that prefabricated solutions don’t work with everyone and in every solution. We can help each other by asking the penetrating questions which forces the individual facing a challenge think about the viable solution by himself. It enables the individual to take the necessary actions and doesn’t look like a forced solution. We worked on a couple of personal/professional problems which the attendees were facing in their lives. Joan guided us to shift our mindset from providing ready-made solutions to asking probing questions. It required a lot of deep thinking. I felt it very useful when one of my question helped a colleague to change his approach of dealing with a difficult stakeholder." (Senior Leader participating in a pilot AL session)

“I just wanted to let you know how inspirational I find you. After every conversation I have with you I am energised and enthused. Thank you for everything you do.” (Senior Leader on Henley Leadership Apprenticeship Programme)

“Joan has a breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of professional learning and development, combined with a practical, supportive, common-sense approach, making it enjoyable and a privilege to work alongside her.” (Organisation Mindset & Culture Change Consultant)

"Joan offers extensive experience as an outstanding education architect and instructional designer. Her unique strength lies in her ability to step back and envision the big picture, creating truly impactful learning environments. Joan is a seasoned professional, making her an invaluable asset to any educational endeavour.” (Digital Learning Executive and Company Owner)

"Joan stands out as an exceptionally talented eLearning copywriter, whose work consistently exceeds expectations. With her deep understanding of the eLearning industry and her exceptional writing skills, Joan has a unique ability to create content that is not only engaging and informative but also tailored perfectly to the needs of the desired audience. Her exceptional attention to detail, combined with her creative flair, make her an invaluable asset to any eLearning project. Her professionalism and collaborative spirit make her a pleasure to work with. She consistently meets deadlines and is always open to feedback, ensuring a smooth and productive workflow. Anyone seeking a highly skilled eLearning copywriter would be fortunate to work with Joan." (Storyteller / CEO / Tech Influencer)

"Joan is our 'go-to' copywriter, storyboarder and instructional designer extraordinaire! The knowledge and experience she brings to working with out clients and subject matter experts is second to none, and her ability to analyse a subject to make it learner friendly is consistently impressive." (Founder and COO, eLearning company)