Designs on Learning

Effective learning experiences for all


I am Joan Keevill, the founder and managing director of Designs on Learning Limited.

I help senior leaders learn to be more effective and I design learning solutions that can be implemented face-to-face, virtually or in an eLearning environment.

"Joan offers extensive experience as an outstanding education architect and instructional designer. Her unique strength lies in her ability to step back and envision the big picture, creating truly impactful learning environments. Joan is a seasoned professional, making her an invaluable asset to any educational endeavour.” (Digital Learning Executive and Company Owner)

My skillset

Leadership development

Enabling leaders to develop and enhance their leadership capabilities and confidence through becoming more effective and reflective learners


Identifying leadership, behavioural and performance needs and creating effective learning to meet those needs

Digital learning technologies

Designing eLearning that fully engages people and promotes behavioural change


Strategic stress management and resilience building, addressing the underlying causes of stress rather than just focusing on the impact


Working in person and virtually with individuals and groups to resolve issues and build capability and effective team working; a key approach is to use Action Learning


Delivery in French as well as English

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