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Leadership development

In today’s world of rapid change, it’s more important than ever to have great leaders who can be strategic, manage change effectively and inspire and motivate their teams to be high performers. Through workshops, elearning and Action Learning, we can help your leaders:

  • Develop their leadership style
  • Improve performance management
  • Motivate and inspire people to get the best out of their teams
  • Lead and manage change effectively
Elearning design

Elearning has come of age. More and more companies are now turning to elearning solutions to meet their training and development needs. It’s available when you need it, it’s effective and it fits in with people’s increasingly busy working lives. But where do you start? At Designs on Learning we have a wealth of experience in designing and developing interactive solutions rich in media that engage learners and make a real impact on behaviour. Contact us to find out more.


We can design and facilitate workshops that challenge existing assumptions and behaviours and help participants see why and how their behaviour needs to change. These sessions can have a specific focus, e.g. compliance areas like anti-bribery and corruption, or be more general, exploring how a team can be more effective.

Business Performance analysis

Our four-step process to improved business performance involves:
1. Conduct a business performance gap analysis
2. Design bespoke solutions
3. Delivery (via workshops, coaching, action learning, elearning)
4. Business impact review
We have successfully used this to address change management challenges, develop new ways of working and to help clients develop a strategic approach to organisational stress management.